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So, today we are doing an overview of the latest songs in Cameroon’s music industry this week. What was cooking in studios all this while is finally out, for a summary, on the list is Numerica, Daphne x Boy TAG, Tenor, and Indira. Enjoy your read.

New song alert!!!

As every day goes by we must say Cameroon music keeps taking another gear, and this week’s song releases goes further to prove the point. I will love to start with Numerica. Numerica one of the finest and styled 237 artists released his song titled “C’est Le Moment”   and to be honest, so far he has the best video challenge. Watch for yourself. “Ash!!! la dance.”

Next on the list is Daphne – Oh Papi, I will love to put it in French, “Daphne ne decoit jamais“, she released two videos this week “Ne Lâches Pas video of the track’s audio which was already available. I will love to say Nkeng Stephen exaggerated this time “Yeush”. You will see Daphne pulling a Lorry like she was superwoman. Then the Magnifique masterpiece “Alleluia” featuring proud Bami and rapper with undisputed originality Boy TAG.  Some will say “Le song la c’est pas du beb beb“. It was so sweet as both made a beautiful mix of their cultures, proudly 237.

Mr Le Fiang Le Way Le Yamo Tenor with his founded label Ebanflang en pire also featuring this week with their Urban track “Fiers”. When you listen to the track, there are pretty strong punchlines from Ocho.

And finally, we end with some gospel release from the young artist Indira, fresh from the lab is “UN JOUR”, really touching to the soul if you are out for some good gospel.

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