Tech Events In Cameroon This Week

We are taking the time to go through the internet documenting tech events running down every week in Cameroon. If you are in Douala, Buea and Yaounde then you have somewhere to go learn one or two skills. Up this week we have workshops, hackathons and open source.

22 -25 JAN’19 WordPress Development Bootcamp

Location: Buea

Organization: Activspaces Buea

Description: Developer – Valery Colong – will teach you how to wield the power of WordPress. Colong has made over 10 million francs in the past 5 years leveraging his WordPress skills and he is delighted to share this knowledge with you. He will teach you the ins and outs of WordPress using very simple concepts and use cases easy enough for anyone to understand. More


25 JAN’19 Africanwits Digital Workshops – Créer son site web

Location: Douala

Organization:  African Women In Tech Startups

Description: The association of African Women In Tech Startups is hosting a workshop and networking event to teach women how to code a website. If you are a lady in tech looking forward to networking or build something, this is for you. More

25 – 27 JAN’19 TechStars Startup Weekend Yaoundé Prepavogt 2019

Location: Yaounde

Organization: Techstars Startup Programs

Description: For technical and nontechnical entrepreneurs this is a workshop that spans from ideation, brainstorming, building a prototype and presentation or demo of a business idea. This event opens you to a network of local startuppers and the opportunity to receive feedback on your app or business idea. More

26 JAN’19 Building Intuitive UI With Angular Material Framework

Location: Douala

Organization: Seven Advanced Academy

Description: Design and Angular Fan, or passionate about UI frameworks and developing awesome web interfaces? This event is for you. You will learn how to use the latest Angular Material components in your own app and gain more downloads and users of your app. More

26 JAN’19 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2019 Mentorship

Location: Buea

Organization: GDG Buea

Description: The event is set to motivate students to begin participating in open source development equally give students exposure to real-world software development scenarios and using open source projects to bring in new developers. More

27 JAN’19 Hackathon: Building a Data Collection Platform

Location: Buea

Organization: Developer Circle Buea

Description: If you are passionate about open source or want to contribute to a project that improves the community this hackathon is for you. Developer Circle Buea is launching an open source project aimed creating a data collection or dataset creation platform for their community. More

We are done with Tech Events For This Week

Thanks for reading and we hope this article was useful.