Mr. Leo posts for the gram just to drop an advice for his impatient fans.

Popular Cameroonian musician, Mr. Leo get some e new song weh e go be released soon and the title na “Patronne”. E di show say e fans dey be soo excited for hear the song na e weh grand Leo appear for e instagram page with these words for e fans.

E decide for wear a blue Jean sweater with black hands and a blue Jean trouser with white sneakers for pass this message.

E look all swagged up and for the way weh e sound, e di show say this e new song go be na strong mutumbu, maybe a hit song na y that weh e di tell e fans dem say make them get small patience again.

The Fenty look, Rihanna goes gold.

Rihanna e brand for makeup weh e be launcham for 2017 don take a different turn as e go launch and sale the new products today midnight. The Fenty brand get a lot of different make up packages for women of colour that is black women and Rihanna be out for promote brown skin and clothing weh go give black women that outstanding beauty. As a Fashion icon, Rihanna bring out more of e fashion sense in order for debut this brand. With high hopes and zeal, we be sure say those products go be sold out in no time.

What the Camera says about the Cameroon entertainment industry.

Cameroon entertainment industry be very young and e di try for grow no matter how hard the the economy di show. We get photographers weh di do their best for give the industry a brand new look using their Camera. We get photographers like Nivard Maras and e get 24 years of age. E di promote designers and models with e pictures.

A close look at the work weh in di do with e studio, the name na Sumis studio na say, e di encourage more of Fashion designs and lifestyle.

E camera always get a story for tell, one of e most epic pictures na the one weh e doam with Cameroonian high class model, Audrey Monkem along side another model.

Very captivating piece. This Camera stories di push the industry forward and e di show say, the vision be pregnant with plenty other stories weh go change the future for the Cameroon entertainment industry for the better.

The industry be in need of genuine work weh be out of passion, not out of money. This guy e works no only end with models and celebrities but e also reach couples weh get taste for good works.

E di show say the future for Cameroon entertainment Industry be very bright. Sumis studio get a vision for be the best not only for Cameroon but also for Africa.

Hopefully, their vision go be established and fulfilled. We di also look into the reality for Cameroon showbiz and how the efforts weh all man di put go fit generate a positive growth for the industry. Whether fashion, films, music and dance, if the Camera no fit give the correct story, then the art be wasted. The Camera be needed in order for the stories for reach the entire world and the Camera for Cameroon entertainment industry di show say the industry still be young but e get a bright future if and only if all man put hand for make the image be real and captivating. Make all man support the passion and work as a team, then leave the Camera for show the world how big the industry go don be.

The Blanche Baily look.

Wa Cameroonian singer, Baily Larinette Tatah, we all know e as Blanche Baily be known for dress not only for entertain but also for reveal e personality. E Don came a long way in e music career and as the world of showbiz dey, e di do e best for meet up with the expectations of the business. E be one of the best fashionable singers weh Cameroon get, e no di joke with e out look.

E be recently dey for Oxford Street inside Manchester for that side for Britain. E be wear a pointy boot, blue tight Jeans and e wrap e self with a furry blanky. So far, Baily don do e best for stay on the lame light interms of fashion for Cameroon but then as much as e di dress good, some of e dressings be very revealing.

Na some e recent picture this weh e postam for instagram. Some go say e di post for the gram but this one no really look as good as e other dressings even though e fans them say e look sexy. The 23 year old singer di try for be as regular as possible, hopefully e other posts go be more than our expectations.

Little orphan girl dies after being raped countless times by her aunt’s husband.

Weh make world no wicked so. This small girl pikin weh die so, e case be came up recently weh e uncle rape e countless times. Na some man be notice the way the pikin be di act. Na e the man came rescue the pikin e situation.
The pikin e aunty be know thing weh e massa be di do but e decide for shidon quiet. They be admit e for Chantal Biya Foundation.
The pikin be get cancer and some other sick them. The small pikin too be di wear na diapers since as e situation be don be na one weh e system be don be distupted. As a result of all these complications, the pikin die e.
Only God know as e go do this one. Some men dem I no know y they get for be this heartless and the woman too, even for safe the small pikin pass e? Well all for God.

“Jussie Smollett risks jail sentence”

Wunna dey?? Since morning wunna nova hear from me wunna no find me?? Ok I don came back, I be travel last night go Etas, I just enter paye na e I say make I kongossa thing weh happen for Etas.
Wunna know this boy weh e di act for some American Series weh dem dey callam say Empire? E name for the series na Jamol but e real name na Jussie Smollett. This grand frere as wunna know na gay. E mean say e like e na man pikin and e di bob e na man pikin. So last month, this grand frere call say some two people attack e. Say dey tie rope for e neck then they mal handle e.
E write statement for police report tok say, two mendem attack e and them spray e with some spray weh dey di usam na for gay men dem because e be gay. Na e police go catch some 2 brothers for Nigeria these 2 boys them di work for that empire as part of the crew na e police them start be suspicious, e di show say the story no make sense and e no balance na e now weh matter don commot and e di show say Jussie frame up the story.
Some celebs say e frame up the story because of fame . The boy don deny say na lie, say dey attack e. Police them don release that 2 Nigerian brothers them say evidence no dey but dey don just cash Jussie say e di lie. They go take e go court soon so presently e dey police station. If they find e guilty, e go go prison for 3 years for e crimes.
Weh this fine boy so, e already get fame I no know wetti e di find again.

Khloe Kardashian’s boy friend cheats again

Wunna morning ohhh, my morning time don reach again and as usual gist dey. Hahahahah problem dey for paradise and na very big problem.
Khloe Kardashian e boy friend, Tristan Thompson don cheat on e again but this time na with Kylie Jenner e best friend Jordyn woods. Kylie Jenner na Khloe e small sister for those weh no know.
The story na say, Tristan the MBA player travel came spend Valentine’s day with the Kardashians. Na e as Khloe di Waka for house go catch them di bob for one corner. Immediately e break up with e and e tell e say e Don finish.
I go like make we recall say this same guy cheat on this girl weh the girl be dey few days for born their girl pikin. In fact the girl dey labour room weh e and the guy be get serious matter concerning cheating, but this time e cheat na with the girl e small sister e best friend, I sure say they go fix am who knows?? Problem for man and woman make man no put e mop dey but I must talkam.
All say weeehhhhh

She died while fighting her rapist

Better news people, I don came again ohhh. So this lady for this picture weh stand with Ramsey Nuah, e name na Gift and e be commot na Nigeria. This girl render help for some guy weh call e tell e say e need help and say e be stranded. So this girl don ask other people if they fit help the guy but no body be gree.
Na e the girl leavam the boy sleep for e house. The next day, the boy start try for rape the girl. Na as the girl di struggle, na e the guy kill e.
Na so good turn bad. E friend di cry say the girl e dreams don be shattered just because e be get good heart.

Latest Song Releases in Kmer

If you are here ,then you should be interested in knowing the latest hit releases in the Cameroon entertainment industry. This week has shown some crazy social media engagement with the #GodDonCome hashtag trending on twitter. We had this week ep and album releases from your favorite artists.

God Don Kam Album Release

@JoviLeMonstre 3 weeks ago after the release of his Ep “God di kam”, released this week his album “God don kam” and it is fire. The hashtag #GodDonKam has been trending on Cameroon twitter. I must acknowledge his creativity and originality really legendary. The album has 14 tracks and available on his store for 1000 FCFA only, payment is done via MoMo so if you are reading this, click the link to get your own copy

Ton pied, Mon pied

Latest of Blanche Bailly’s track Ton Pied, Mon Pied which I must say is very colourful and romantic, a love track to listen. It starts with a scene where Blanche’s head is being slapped, I wonder though if it must have been painful, also a scene of her falling face flat to the ground, Blanche surely decided to go far on this one. I will just leave a some few lines here “You don show that mbout men dem sey, meesef I merit your love. Wuside all my ex dem dey? Ano sey their heart di burn”. Available on youtube

Je t’aime

The official video of J’aime by X-Maleya featuring Blanche Bailly is finally out ,we still remember the impressive dance video cover for the song 7 months ago. I guess this time it was done cooking.


The Bikusi world was not asleep this week, as one of it’s queened Lady Ponce dropped her song – Eternite. As usual Lady Ponce’s track s are the ones which will get you seriously sweating if you get serious to dance to her beats.


We must say we have lot’s of love tracks to enjoy this February, the boss of Alpha Better Records High man general Salatiel dropped an audio “Toujours”. Pretty and touching lyrics, will just drop this one here “Choisir un gars comme moi mais qu’estce que t’a fait?” Audio is available on youtube.


Gasha sings for her mama, “Shine bright like a diamond for you”, some extract of the audio release.

EP – I am unlimited

Artist Zee Toonice released his debut EP “I am unlimited”, and I must say every track is a must listen. This EP is a result of crafting and redefining his music and deserves a thumbs up.

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Why Arsene Wenger deny for coach Real Madrid.

Wunna know say Arsene Wenger be don be Arsenal dia manager for 22 years nor? But e commot last May after weh e Don win 3 premiere league titles and 7 FA cups.

Arsene dey na 69 years old and even though e nova came back, e hope for return for management for January but e say e no be fit coach Real Madrid because of the project e be get with Arsenal.

“I have turned down Real Madrid more than once. I must say now it’s over for me,” Wenger told beIN Sports.

“I feel if you ask any manager in the world, would you be interested in coaching Real Madrid? Everybody would say yes – it’s the biggest club in the world.”

Na so e explain for some e interview.